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Radioactivity sign
Radioactivity sign, Chernobyl, Ukraine, nuclear, radioactivity, sign, warning

Title: Radioactivity sign
Location: Chernobyl, Ukraine
Description: The (mostley) contamined area is deided into three zones, this sign is from the entry point to the first (30km) zone. Well protected is you stay on the road, but not to much giving it away if you are walking next to the road... Btw, people are again living and farming in the 30km zone...
Keywords: nuclear, radioactivity, sign, warning
Terror of Landmines - You can do something today!
Double parking
Double parking, Kristianstad, Sweden, bird, flying, crash, Tree sparrow, Passer montanus
GAZ-24, Volga
GAZ-24, Volga, Chernobyl, Ukraine, Reactor 4, car, parking, parking permit, Volga, GAZ-24

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