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Dandelion ball in green
Dandelion ball in green, Landet, Sweden, flower, plant, weed, dandelion, Taraxacum spp, ball, seed, green

Title: Dandelion ball in green
Location: Landet, Sweden
Description: Dandelion [Taraxacum spp] waiting for some wind to spread it's seads
Keywords: flower, plant, weed, dandelion, Taraxacum spp, ball, seed, green
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Eastern Arborvitae
Eastern Arborvitae, Madrid, Spain, plant, tree, cone, Thuja occidentalis, Eastern Arborvitae
Snowdrop, Skeppargatan, Stockholm, Sweden, plant, skeppargatan 11, Galanthus nivalis, Common snowdrop
Bull thistle
Bull thistle, Angarnsjöängen, Sweden, plant, flower, macro, Bull thistle,Cirsium vulgare
Red Rasberry
Red Rasberry, Landet, Sweden, macro, berry, plant, ripe, European Rasberry, Rasberry, Rubus idaeus
Depressed, Landet, Sweden, plant, flower, spring, depressed, Windflower, Wood anemone, Anemone nemorosa
Silver Birch
Silver Birch, Angarn, Sweden, autumn, tree, plant, Silver Birch, Betula pendula
Hairy Woodrush
Hairy Woodrush, Landet, Sweden, plant, flower, Luzula pilosa, Hairy Woodrush
Scots pine
Scots pine, Angarn, Sweden, plant, tree, Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris
Spruce shoot
Spruce shoot, Landet, Sweden, plant, tree, Picea abies, Norway Spruce, shoot
Spring flower
Spring flower, Landet, Sweden, plant, flower, yellow flower, Narcissus pseudonarcissus, Wild daffodil
The Crocus Family
The Crocus Family, Landet, Sweden, plant, flower, Spring crocus, Giant dutch crocus, Crocus vernus, family
Red Mountain Sorrel
Red Mountain Sorrel, Utsjoki, Finland, plant, flower, rocks, Oxyria digyna
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