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Struggling up the hill
Struggling up the hill, Red Sea, Egypt, underwater, nudi, Nembrotha megalocera

Title: Struggling up the hill
Location: Red Sea, Egypt
Description: Bighorn nembrotha [Nembrotha megalocera] struggeling upphill in the "wind"
Keywords: underwater, nudi, Nembrotha megalocera
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Risbecia pulchella
Risbecia pulchella, Sabang, Philippines, underwater, nudi, Risbecia pulchella
Pyjama slugs
Pyjama slugs, Red Sea, Sudan, underwater, nudi, Pyjama slug, Chromodoris quadricolor
Chromodoris geometrica
Chromodoris geometrica, Sabang, Philippines, underwater, nudi, Chromodoris geometrica
Hypselodoris purpureomaculosa
Hypselodoris purpureomaculosa, Sabang, Philippines, underwater, nudi, Hypselodoris purpureomaculosa
Halgerda batangas
Halgerda batangas, Sabang, Philippines, Underwater, nudi, Halgerda batangas
Annas Chromodoris
Annas Chromodoris, Sabang, Philippines, underwater, nudi, Annas chromodoris, Chromodoris annae
Roboastra luteolineata
Roboastra luteolineata, Sabang, Philippines, underwater, nudi, Roboastra luteolineata
Phyllidia elegans
Phyllidia elegans, Racha Yai, Thailand, underwater, nudi, Phyllidia elegans
Phyllidia ocellata
Phyllidia ocellata, Racha Yai, Thailand, underwater, nudi, Phyllidia ocellata
Ocellated wart slug
Ocellated wart slug, Racha Yai, Thailand, Underwater, nudi, Ocellated wart slug, Phyllidia ocellata
Flamingo tongue
Flamingo tongue, Dominican Republic, underwater, nudi, Flamingo tongue cowrie, Cyphoma gibbosum
Phyllidiella lizae
Phyllidiella lizae, Sabang, Philippines, underwater, nudi, Phyllidiella lizae
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