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Cart, Pripyat, Ukraine,

Title: Cart
Location: Pripyat, Ukraine
Description: GDP per capita in Ukraine is $4k USD, average salary in Ukraine is $234 USD (both numbers from Wikipedia in March 2009) but when you walk the streets of Kiev the average car seams to be a modern SUV. I have no idea how the maths of that adds up...
Terror of Landmines - You can do something today!
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Reactor room?
Reactor room?, Pripyat, Ukraine, blue light, reactor room
Schools out
Schools out, Pripyat, Ukraine, recess, school, abandon
Bumper car
Bumper car, Pripyat, Ukraine, Bumper car, funfair
Lada, Pripyat, Ukraine, Lada, emblem
classroom, Pripyat, Ukraine, school, class room, doll
Reactor 3 & 4
Reactor 3 & 4, Pripyat, Ukraine, roof, nuclear reactors, Chernobyl, Tjernobyl
Cart, Pripyat, Ukraine,
Schools out
Schools out, Pripyat, Ukraine, recess, school, abandon
Ferris wheel
Ferris wheel, Pripyat, Ukraine, Ferris wheel, funfair
Theatrical props
Theatrical props, Pripyat, Ukraine, theatrical properties, theater, portraits, propaganda posters, posters
Pripyat welcome sign
Pripyat welcome sign, Pripyat, Ukraine, Pripyat, sign, 1970, welcome
Growing forest
Growing forest, Pripyat, Ukraine, hotel, room, growing forest, nature taking over
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