European cave spider
European cave spider, Landet, Sweden, insect, spider, European cave spider, Meta menardi

Title: European cave spider
Location: Landet, Sweden
Description: European cave spider [Meta menardi] in the water well at the summer house
Keywords: insect, spider, European cave spider, Meta menardi
Terror of Landmines - You can do something today!
Moat guard
Moat guard, South Gate, Siem Reap, Cambodia, sculpture, stone figure, guard, Angkor
Cows, Angkor, Cambodia, cows, calf
Blusher, Landet, Sweden, mushroom, European Blusher, Amanita rubescens
Beaver Creek
Beaver Creek, Landet, Sweden, water, creek, running, green, brown, beaver
Beaver Devastation
Beaver Devastation, Landet, Sweden, dam, devastation, Beaver, Castor fiber, European beaver
Spruce shoot
Spruce shoot, Landet, Sweden, plant, tree, Picea abies, Norway Spruce, shoot
Castor bean tick
Castor bean tick, Landet, Sweden, insect, Ixodes ricinus, tick, Castor bean tick, Ixodes aragaoi
Zebu Tail
Zebu Tail, Kampong Cham, Cambodia, mammal, cattle, domesticated, Bos taurus indicus, Zebu, tail, from behind
Chevron butterflyfish
Chevron butterflyfish, Red Sea, Egypt, underwater, fish, Chevron butterflyfish, Chaetodon trifascialis
Rasberry bush
Rasberry bush, Landet, Sweden, bush, berry, plant, ripe, European Rasberry, Rasberry, Rubus idaeus
Masked butterfly
Masked butterfly, Red Sea, Egypt, underwater, fish, Chaetodon semilarvatus, Masked butterflyfish
Ta Prohm
Ta Prohm, Angkor, Cambodia, faces, ta prohm, Angkor, Cambodia

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