Expeditions: Europe, Ukraine

Golden cupolas churce
Golden cupolas churce, Kiev, Ukraine, church, building, St Michael, golden cupolas

Title: Golden cupolas churce
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Description: St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, I've never been anywhere where the skyes changed as in Kiev, two minutes before this we had blue skyes with a few fluffy white clouds.
Keywords: church, building, St Michael, golden cupolas
Terror of Landmines - You can do something today!
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Gym, Pripyat, gymnasium, bath house
Naked men
Naked men, Pripyat, Ukraine, Olympics, painting, naked men, running
Spruce at Nuclerat Affairs
Spruce at Nuclerat Affairs, Pripiayt, Ukraine, spruce, nuclear affairs, Picea omorika
A light at the end
A light at the end, Pripyat, Ukraine, corridor, abandon, light at the end
Headquarters, Pripyat, Ukraine, headquarters, nuclear, government agency
Black poplar
Black poplar, Pripyat, Ukraine, tree, Black poplar, Populus nigra
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