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Reactor 3 & 4
Reactor 3 & 4, Chernobyl, Ukraine, reactor 3, reactor 4, sarcophagus

Title: Reactor 3 & 4
Location: Chernobyl, Ukraine
Description: The bulding is supposed to be symetric around the chimney. Left half is the undamaged reactor 3, right is the card house that was built on the remainings of reactor 4 after the accident 1986. 90,000 workers built the Sarcophagus in 250 days after the accidet, about 50% of them are dead according to one of our guides. Even if the fatalities are not that high, these worker where nothing but heros!
Keywords: reactor 3, reactor 4, sarcophagus
Terror of Landmines - You can do something today!
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classroom, Pripyat, Ukraine, school, class room, doll
Big party
Big party, Kiev, Ukraine, Independence square, Mother Ukraine, Independence Column, party, night shoot
Ferris wheel
Ferris wheel, Pripyat, Ukraine, Ferris wheel, funfair
Schools out
Schools out, Pripyat, Ukraine, recess, school, abandon
Reactor 4
Reactor 4, Chernobyl, Ukraine, Reactor 4, monument, nuclear, Tjernobyl
Radioactive waste
Radioactive waste, Chernobyl, Ukraine, truck, driving, road, radioactive, waste
GAZ-24, Volga
GAZ-24, Volga, Chernobyl, Ukraine, Reactor 4, car, parking, parking permit, Volga, GAZ-24
Reactor 4
Reactor 4, Chernobyl, Ukraine, sarcophagus, reactor 4, nuclear
Lenin, Kiev, Ukraine, Lenin, statue
Golden domes
Golden domes, Kiev, Ukraine, golden domes, skyline
Hammer and sickle
Hammer and sickle, Kiev, Ukraine, Hammer and sickle, Soviet Union, Comunist Party
Golden cupolas churce
Golden cupolas churce, Kiev, Ukraine, church, building, St Michael, golden cupolas
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