Expeditions: Africa, Madagascar

Mr and Mrs Duck
Mr and Mrs Duck, Tulear, Madagascar, couple, bird, duck

Title: Mr and Mrs Duck
Location: Tulear, Madagascar
Description: Mr Duck are checking what's happening while Mrs Duck are refusing to participate in the photograph. One of my overall favorite pictures...
Keywords: couple, bird, duck
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Ocellated wart slug
Ocellated wart slug, Anakao, Madagascar, underwater, nudi, Ocellated wart slug, Phyllidia ocellata
Emperor angelfish
Emperor angelfish, Anakao, Madagascar, underwater, fish, Emperor angelfish, Pomacanthus imperator
Madagascar Collared Iguanid
Madagascar Collared Iguanid, Nosy Satrana, Madagascar, lizzard, reptile, Madagascar Collared Iguanid, Oplurus cuvieri
Pixy hawkfish
Pixy hawkfish, Anakao, Madagascar, underwater, fish, Pixy hawkfish, Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus
Large-lipped Madagascar Bullfrog
Large-lipped Madagascar Bullfrog, Andingitra, Madagascar, macro, frog, Large-lipped Madagascar Bullfrog, Laliostoma labrosum
Dumeril's Madagascar Swift
Dumeril's Madagascar Swift, Andringitra, Madagascar, reptile, lizard, Dumeril's Madagascar Swift, Oplurus quadrimaculatus
Jewelled Chameleon
Jewelled Chameleon, Andringitra, Madagascar, reptile, chameleon, Jewelled Chameleon, Furcifer lateralis
Boulenger's Giant Treefrog
Boulenger's Giant Treefrog, Andingitra, Madagascar, macro, frog, Boulenger's Giant Treefrog, Platypelis grandis
Ring-tailed Lemur
Ring-tailed Lemur, Andringitra, Madagascar, mammal, Ring-tailed Lemur, Lemur, Lemur catta
Big-eyed Snake
Big-eyed Snake, Andringitra, Madagascar, reptile, snake, Common Big-eyed Snake, Mimophis mahfalensis
Lionfish, Anakao, Madagascar, underwater, fish, Lionfish, Pterois volitans
Vagabond butterflyfish
Vagabond butterflyfish, Anakao, Madagascar, underwater, fish, Vagabond butterflyfish, Chaetodon vagabundus
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