Mr and Mrs Cambodian

Mr and Mrs Cambodian....

Mr and Mrs Cambodian, he 27 she 24 have been working hard the last few year help out on his families rice field, driving a motorbike taxi and she with a mobile street side restaurant in the evenings. Now, during the dry season, as there are less and less to do on the rice fields and Mr & Mrs Cambodian are thinking of starting something of their own. They meets with the man running one of the village grocery store and drinking establishment, Mr Loan Shark. Mr Loan Shark has known Mr Cambodians family for many years and agrees to loan them money to buy a small piece of land, not so far outside the village for just a small interest.

Mr & Mrs Cambodia, now Mr & Mrs Cambodian Farmers are very happy, even tough the interest to Mr Loan Shark will eat up any possible income from the land they are still hoping it will still be a solid base for their new family life. The happy couple then takes all their savings, to buy a 2-4m (7-14 foot) piece of galvanized steel metal roof for their new home. Now during the dry season there are not really any farming they can do, the clay ground is simply to hard for hand tools. But they work on the "house" and clear the land from all bushes and they also takes down most of the trees to sell as fire wood on the local market. Mr Loan Shark comes by their home one day, just as if he could smell the money from the fire wood, and asks for the first down payment. Mr Cambodian Farmer, who had made the tough decision to save the money for seed for sawing instead of buying Mrs Cambodian Farmer some sexy underwear, now ends up paying most of the money to Mr Loan Shark...

One day a few weeks later the heavy rains starts, Mr & Mrs Cambodian Farmer looks at each other with a smile, the rain is good news it means that the land will soon start to give them the food and income that they so badly have been waiting for... Still with a smile on her face Mrs Cambodian Farmer looks Mr Cambodian Farmer in the eyes and nods her head a gently against the house. Mr Cambodian Farmers smile shines up even brighter, he is always happy to join her in the house, with or without sexy underwear... It's been a while and Mr Cambodian Farmer are doing a really good job with rocking the bed... The heavy rain are making the clay ground softer, and Mr Cambodian Farmers steady rocking are making the bed poles working their way deeper and deeper into the ground and just as Mrs Cambodian Farmer is about to reach that state where the earth moves, the earth really moves when a land mine goes off! Beating both Mr & Mrs Cambodian Farmer...

The land mine was triggered by one of bed poles working it's way down in to the ground. Both Mr and Mrs Cambodian Farmer survived, the roof was blown several meters into the air and clipped the dogs tail - the only permanent damage...

Cambodia, half the size of Sweden and population of about 14 million people. Low estimates are that 4-6 million land mines have been laid ((other estimates states well over 10 million...)). Exact numbers are hard to find, but about 30-40 people (persons!) are killed by land mines in Cambodia every week(!)... The problem is gigantic, during the dry season the land can appear safe, the mines are baked in solid clay and sometimes not even triggered by heavy traffic. Then during rain period the ground gets soft and the land mines are "armed and dangerous" again.... The heavy rains can also sometimes move mines to areas that are supposed to be clear(d) from mines....

The major decision I made on this trip is if I ever "get money" (a friend of mine will reply with "When! and a smiley"...), then I will start a mine clearing program. Maybe not in Cambodia, there are other countries even worse of...

While anti-personnel has today been baned by most countries but they are still being developed and manufacturers by a few other like: Cuba, North Korea, Iran and The United States....

((Found this in my "research", have to share it: "Ironically, the laying of land mines inadvertently proved a positive development in Argentina and The Falkland Islands. This is because the mine fields laid by the sea during the Falklands War have become favourite places for penguins, which are too light to detonate the mines, and able to breed safely in areas where humans do not dare enter." - Magnus: Should be UK, not Argentina?... ))
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Terror of Landmines - You can do something today!
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